2018 Theme

Madison will be sending a 21 member team in November 2018, and this team will need to fund-raise to cover the cost of the trip, which will be approximately $2100 per person, $44,100 total. We are excited that this team is the expression of Madison’s desire to raise up multicultural leaders. Our team is inter-generational, cross-racial, and socioeconomically diverse; we are also joined by an African American pastor from the local Grand Rapids community and his wife. Pastor Sam has set this example by inviting local Liberian pastors to join the Providence delegation when they travel here to the states.

The 2018 theme: Learning, Connecting, Serving…

  • Learning about the history and culture of Providence Baptist Church
  • Learning about the history and culture of Liberia
  • Connecting two churches across multiple divides (geography, denomination, culture…)
  • Connecting people (has often times resulted in new learnings, relationships and initiatives)
  • Serving with Providence Baptist Church as they serve the church the community