Delegation Recap

On Sunday evening, December 16 at 7:00p.m., please join the 2018 Delegation for a recap of our Listening & Learning Tour! It will be held at Madison Church – Square Campus. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Spending 24 hrs in Newark

So our first day was “interesting”… and we only made it to the East coast. 😂

We were weather delayed and missed our international flight to Brussels, but our United customer service reps were more than helpful accommodating us in so many ways; in turn, they told us we were a blessing to them for having such great attitudes!

We retry to leave the country once again at 6:45 – we’re getting there plenty early for check-in this time! 😁

The situation definitely called for a group photo:

Madison Providence delegation
Proof that our spirits are still high

Why I want to go… Alfield Reeves

One of the reasons I’m excited about going back home to Liberia with the team from Madison is because it always a fun but good uncomfortable experience.

Last time I went in 2016 I learned a lot of about myself and my identity. Mainly the term being a third cultured kid. Third culture kids (TCK) are persons raised in a culture other than their parents’ or the culture of the country named on their passport (where they are legally considered native) for a significant part of their early development years. They are exposed to a greater variety of cultural influences. I was born in Liberia but raised in Michigan.

Some of the things I’ve learned is that I don’t always fit in, that no place is really home, that I’m still learning about my birth country Liberia, which is difficult because of the outside expectation that I should know everything, being able to adapt to various situations but also how being a 3rd cultured kid has its assets. One being able to be a bridge between people but especially the two cultures that have majored influenced my life, Liberian & American.

Being Uncomfortable usually breeds growth and moments by which one learns more about themselves. I learned that “where I fit in is that I don’t fit in” and that that is an okay place to be because God is there with me.

God Bless
Alfield Reeves

Fundraising Efforts

A big Thank You to all who supported our movie event, garage sale, plant sale and various other fundraisers we’ve put on in recent weeks. We took a bit of a break in July, but have some new & exciting fundraising events & opportunities to give to a good cause and have some fun in the process. Stay tuned!